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Get to know Tha Singer » Urban Island Artist Young Dee

Music 08 Jun 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Making his first recording “Endless Love” with the group Young Squad at age fifteen got Samiu Talakai, a.k.a Young Dee, addicted to making music ever since. Forming the group The Trend after he graduated from high school and later recording for Punch Out Records, Dee has made connections with many artists and DJs and has now started his own independent entertainment group called Page One Entertainment.

The WhatItDo had an exclusive interview with Young Dee, whose hot single “Beautiful Creation” still has people buzzin! While he’s had to put his music career on hold to be a father and work two jobs to support his little family, Young Dee is back in the game and is focused on dropping his mixtape and furthering his music. Now, with his new single out, “Be Ya Love,” this hot Urban Island artist gives us the low down on his style, his inspirations, and his journey to become known as “Tha Singa!”

TWID: What does music mean to you?

YD: Music means life to me! It gives me purpose and inspiration and allows me to put whatever I’m feeling or going through into a piece of audio history. Everything that I do musically I put passion into.

TWID: How has your background affected your music?

YD: It’s made me a sharper writer. I learned to study my craft, to be a wiser person, basically to be the person I am today.

TWID: Tell me about your journey to pursue a music career to this point?

YD: Well, I began to find out that I could sing when I was ten, but my journey started when I was in high school. I started to dig deep into my music abilities and venture off into writing. I used to write every day. When kids were out hanging, tryna get into trouble, I was in the house focused on writing poetry, songs, or short stories and reading. It never was forced; [it was] always something that came natural.


TWID: Describe your style.

YD: Neo Soul, Urban, Pop… Just a little mixture of everything.

TWID: Who are your inspirations?

YD: My inspiration to make me want to do music would have to be my family, fans and supporters, so I continuously thank them for everything!

TWID: What made you want to get into music?

YD: I’d rather do something with my life instead of drug dealing and just unprofessional things that wouldn’t get me anywhere. I want to make a difference in peoples’ lives!

TWID: What can we expect from you this year?

YD: Well, my hit single [“Be Ya Love”] dropped in April and I’m doing a lot of music videos and my mixtape will be coming out very soon.

TWID: What is your ultimate goal in the music industry?

YD: To get into the music industry and make a difference today; make a difference in those who had the same struggle as me growing up and what I was going through.

TWID: Do you have any final words for our Polynesian people or anyone who wants to become an artist?

YD: If you believe in what you do and you stick with it, you can do anything. Don’t let anyone tell you [you] can’t do anything.

Young Dee’s background, both his Black and Tongan heritages, and his upbringing have helped him to become the strong individual he is today. Young Dee’s drive to succeed will take hard work, sacrifice, and patience, which he definitely has. Be sure to check out his latest single “Be Ya Love” and stay in tune for his mixtape that’ll drop soon! Connect with Young Dee on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Article Written By: Aggie Boo

*photos and YouTube video courtesy of YoungDee

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