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Experience the City Life with The Man

Entertainment, Events 03 Jun 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

I know you’ve heard of Long Beach legends Snoop Dogg and the late Nate Dogg, and maybe even “Saved by the Bell” beauty, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, but have you heard of “The Man”?  No, he’s not the villain from “Under Cover Brother”; Floyd Hampton Livingston, appropriately titled “The Man,” is not only an owner of Long Beach’s own social network 562 City Life, but also one of the hottest promoters in the LBC!

You don’t just become “The Man” overnight! There are a lot of contributing factors to success and for Livingston, family is on top! “My dad is from buffalo, NY, and, my mom from Auckland, New Zealand and my family has always been very generous and respectful, which helps me a lot because I always show people respect.”  Identifying himself as both Black and Samoan, he says, “[My] Polynesian background and culture has taught me to be very helpful and thankful, and to work hard. My parents, particularly my mom, started out with nothing. They started out in Compton and then Paramount and then to LB and so whenever I feel like complaining I think of my mom leaving NZ coming here to have a better life which they proved they could do.”

In 2008 Livingston was working a job as a forklift operator when he stumbled across Matt Saunders’ website. Having a background in journalism and looking for opportunities to freelance write and get his stuff out there, Livingston contacted Saunders about writing for 562 City Life and ended up blogging for the site. Livingston says, “As soon as I was on board with them writing, I quit my forklift job. I couldn’t stand that crap! I was driving to work I just had tears rollin’ up in my eyes.” Jokingly, he continued, “They weren’t coming down ‘cause I’m a G, but I was so frustrated thinking ‘I can’t be moving pallets and concrete all my life, this is a dead end job!’”

What started as a blogging job for a website has evolved into an ownership of an official corporation. Under the parent company City Life Inc., 562 City Life has become a successful model for developing a community-oriented social network, and Livingston sits at the head of this network, assuming his proper new identity, “The Man”!

The Whatitdo

“We really just promote stuff, people come to us to see what’s going on and we negotiate with other organizations to see how we can help each other whether it be putting a video out for them or what not. That was a bonus that it was showing people what was going on and then it started helping us, too.”

Livingston says, “When I first started with 562, it was like a dream job. I was writing and going out on the town, and interviewing people, but most people were like ‘who the hell are you?’ Now wherever I go people recognize 562 and are willing to give more time for their interviews. We’re constantly publishing what people are doing in Long Beach, and providing news coverage that the local media’s not covering. We have a lot more freedom and try to keep it more hip, catering content and our style towards the 20-30 year old general population. We’ve really grown and become a great way for people to stay connected in the community, with the news, issues relevant to them and have even started helping local businesses integrate into social media.”

“The Man” not only rep’s his city, he runs it! Livingston has started a program called “Business Meets the Arts” in which he connects local businesses with local artists. He says, “In connecting businesses with artists we help solve the problem of business not knowing where to get bands or live entertainment, and help artists who are looking to perform.”

Livingston says, “When 562 City Life is at its best is when the people are using it! If you’re an artist or looking for artists, create profile or hit up our event section.  You can go to our Facebook page and click on it to create a profile for free. A lot of businesses and people post their events, which is how I find out how a lot of things are happening. It’s basically free advertising!”

A social media guru, a businessman, a writer, and a promoter; if you want to get hooked up in the LBC you need to go to “The Man” –definitely WhatItDo!

Make sure you follow him on Twitter and like his page on Facebook, or go to today and create your free profile.


Article Written By: G_Writer

*photos courtesy of Floyd Hampton Livingston

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