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Kendré: Not Your Average Nerd!

Entertainment, Music 30 May 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

It’s hard enough making it in the entertainment industry, but to achieve a double dose of stardom in both entertainment and music takes hard work and dedication. Talented actor Kendré Berry, best known for his character as Jabari on CW’s hit sitcom “Girlfriends,” has both the work ethic and dedication required to make it big.  He is taking his career to the next level and branching out into the music biz.

At age 12, Kendré and his family were on a mission. Kendré wanted to be on television. Kendré says, “Between me and my parents my goal was to be on all of my favorite TV shows. I wanted to act on every major network… Nickelodeon, BET, MTV, Cartoon Network, I wanted to be on everything.” With dreams to be seen on the little screen all over the world, Kendré and his family packed their bags and headed for Los Angeles, California. Within two weeks of living in L.A. Kendré landed a spot on his first TV show. As his career continuously grew he landed role after role on shows such as “All That” and “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide” (Nickelodeon), “Cold Case” (CBS), “One on One” (UPN), “ER” (NBC), “Six Feet Under” (HBO), and a permanent spot on CW’s “Girlfriends.”

Now that Kendré has accomplished his television goals, he is shifting is career and focusing on his passion of music. With an album, mixtape, and hot new remix of YC’s “Racks,” Kendré is starting to capture the music industry’s attention.

THEWHATITDO had the chance to speak with Kendré about his career, his life, love for music, and entering the music biz:

TWID: How long have you been doing music?

KB: I have been taking music seriously since I was about 13. I started off making beats and writing my own songs.

TWID: What inspired you to pursue the music game?

KB: Well when I was 13 I came out to LA for acting but I just needed another creative way to express myself, whether it was acting, writing songs, drawing I was just interested in doing stuff creatively. I figured if I could act and do TV shows, why couldn’t I do music?

TWID: What mixtapes/albums do you currently have out?

KB: Currently, I just dropped my official album called “You Look Like A Nerd” which came out in February.  I also have my mixtape out now as well called “Who’s The Nerd.”

TWID: What is your music about and how would you describe your sound?

KB: My music is basically the imitation of my personality. My personality is fun so my music is fun. I put a lot of punch lines and hidden messages in my music. I want you to miss some of my lines so that when you go back and listen to my songs again and you hear something you missed or didn’t understand before, you can say “oh that’s what that means.” I am really into stuff like that. My sound is all about having fun. I’m young, and whatever people like at the moment I just like to put my own twist to it.

The Whatitdo

TWID: What kind of lifestyle does Kendré live?

KB: Well I consider my self a nerd because I am not into the whole club scene. I’m not a party person, I don’t drink or smoke at all, that stuff is just not necessary because I’m so focused on work. I like to stay focused and keep my eye on the prize.

TWID: What inspired you to do the “Racks” Remix?

KB: I just loved the [Racks] song. Every time I heard it, I didn’t know what the heck they were talking about. It just sounded like a song people were making up.  And every time I heard it in the car on the radio I just liked the way it sounded and I just wanted to see how I would sound on the track. So I hopped on the song and made it happen.

TWID: So, you act, sing, rap, and produce, can you elaborate on how you are able to do all of them so well?

KB: I am a very determined young man, and like I said, I don’t have too much fun (even though I love to have fun) I am very driven. So its not hard me to go different ways and do different things. My parents always told me that if I am going to do something, be the best at it. Whatever I choose to do, I do it to the best of my ability. The first time I picked up music equipment I started making my own beats, then I started writing my own songs, after a while it started becoming a whole production, a one man production team that made whole albums and mixtapes. I didn’t think anything of it. It was just me, my computer, and my microphone. I didn’t have anybody to help me. I just had to learn by myself through trial and error and figure it all out. So to be able to rap, sing, produce, and make sure my whole record is active was just something that I spent a lot of time on because it meant that much to me. It was something I saw happening because I made it happen.

TWID: Any big plans for your 21st birthday?

KB: The only big plans I have is to throw a big birthday party. I haven’t had a real birthday party since I was one years old, and I don’t even remember it. I just want a really big celebration to celebrate my 21 years of life.

TWID: What projects are you working on at the moment?

KB: I have a few songs I’ve worked on with Bobby Brackins, that’s been really good. And on my new album I am working with Wiz Kahlifa on a track.

TWID: What do you hope to accomplish this year for your music career?

KB: I want people to know and respect my music. I want to create music like Michael Jackson created; timeless music that people will always remember and listen too.

Kendré is not your average nerd! At 20 years old his mission is to make his mark in the music world and with his “Nerdy Boy Swag” and hot remixes he is definitely making it happen! Now that’s WHATITDO!


“You Look Like A Nerd” is available on iTunes and make sure you follow Kendré on Twitter , Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr!


Article Written By: Adriana Davalos

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