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Ballin’ with Power 106 LA

Entertainment, Events 27 May 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Where was Power106 FM last night? Power106 has been going to high school’s in the LA area to raise money for the school’s needs, and last night the Power106 All-Star Team played b-ball with the students of Schurr High School in Montebello and it was “game on” for Schurr High’s basketball team!

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a high school fundraiser, but I have to say that Power106 and host Mando Fresko & DJ E-Man. had this fundraiser ballin’ out of control!  Bringing all that Power swag, Schurr students received their own live DJ, free gifts, and concert!

So who was included in the concert lineup? First up was Bobby Brackins who performed an ultimate fan favorite “143” ft. Ray J and his newest hit on the radio stations “180” Ft. Jeremih. Next in line was London native, Tinie Tempah, who sang his hit song “Written in the Stars” ft. Eric Turner. Last but definitely not least, the crowd went bonkers as The Rej3ctz performed “Cat Daddy” ft. Chris Brown! Can you say Schurr High was CRACKIN’? You can, because it sure was!

“Schurr High student enjoyed it very much, so they will remember the performances forever.”

~Bobby Brackins

Want your favorite radio station to come to your school to help raise money? Make sure you do whatitdo and schedule your high school’s fundraising basketball game with the Power106 All-Star Team today! See how to here:

Thanks Power106, for having TheWHATITDO join in on all the fun! Can’t wait to see where ya’ll go next! What It Do baby!

Article Written By: Adriana Davalos

*Photos courtesy of Andy Phat Lam

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