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Hustle Hard with DJ Dre Sinatra!

Music 24 May 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

If you check out his profile on Knockout Entertainment’s website, he is quoted as saying, “I’m just trying to live my dream and finish what I set out to do when I was younger; every day I realize I’m living my dream and it’s a good feeling.” As an international celebrity, Ray J’s Knockout Entertainment Tour DJ, cast member of VH1’s “A Family Business,” and regular at SBE’s Colony (One of Hollywood’s hottest clubs), DJ Dre Sinatra’s accomplishments are no small thing; but dreams like Dre’s require hard work and sacrifice to be achieved. DJ Dre Sinatra didn’t sit around and wait for his dreams to happen, he went out and made his dreams happen.  In short, he hustled; hustled hard!

Dre explains, “Hustlin’ is anything, whether you sell newspapers or you work a 9 to 5, whatever it is you do to make money, that’s your hustle.” For Dre, his hustle has always been about music.

“I’ve always had a love of music. Since I had to listen to music instead of really playing it, I started combining my own mixes off of tapes and recording them and selling them at school.  From there I just evolved from tapes to CD players, to turn tables, and from there it was something I was just hooked on.”

~Dre Sinatra

From selling his mixes at school, to throwing his own house parties, to joining a crew in New York, to going to Sound Engineering School, Dre’s free time and money were spent on developing his craft. Dre says, “You have to believe in yourself, but one thing that a lot of DJ’s don’t do is invest in themselves. You have to invest in yourself as well; sometimes it takes money to make money. I had a job so I could pay for my flights back and forth to New York, or buy new equipment, or whatever. I invested in myself, whether I had to travel or go do stuff or pick people up whatever I had to do, I invested in myself and went out there and tried to learn the game hands on.”

Dre says, “There are different types of DJ’s-Club DJ’s, Tour DJ’s, House Party DJ’s – everybody has a different role depending on the crowd you play to.  A DJ’s job is to learn how to adjust to every crowd in every situation that’s going on. Every party is different, every crowd is different.  I can go play in LA and then go play in San Francisco and it’s a whole different vibe and whole different scene even though we’re in the same state. A DJ is someone that can play music and really adjust to the crowd.” And adjusting to the crowd is something that Dre has learned to master. He keeps himself well rounded by DJ’ing for clubs, tours, live shows, and creating his own mixtapes. Dre says, “The next thing that I really want to get into is also mixing videos because that’s a part of the future of mixing because everything evolves so you have to stay on your technology so you don’t fall behind with the DJ world.”

Dre Sinatra

Dre says that DJ’ing is a competitive sport. “DJ’s have their egos and their competitive spirits and they want to be the best. That’s how I am, so I put in work…and my inspiration comes from a lot of the stuff that I see. It might come from when I travel the country. I’m influenced by everybody, by DJs, Producers, the scene, and the people, I’m definitely a person who loves to be influenced by people being around and just seeing everything that’s going on.”

Dre’s hustle, his hard work, is one of the reasons he was noticed by Ray J. Dre says he was DJ’ing and doing his own thing, when a mutual friend introduced them. Ray J told Dre that he would definitely use him in the future. A while later, Dre says, “He just called me up and said he was ready for me to come on tour, so I went on tour. From there, I was just part of their crew, after he saw the kind of work ethic and what I could bring to the table as far as being a DJ, but also as far as what I could bring to the table for the company in business and radio relationships, and being a brand as well, and being an asset instead of a liability for the company.”

Dre doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, and with hustle like his, there really is no limit to what he can achieve. He has goals to become an executive producer in television, put out more music, and of course continue to rock more parties all over the world. “There’s an adrenaline rush, that’s the craziest thing about being a DJ, the high you get from rockin’ a party. You could be at a party with like a 1000 people… it doesn’t matter it could be from 100 people to 1 million, it’s crazy how one person can come to a party with a backpack laptop and just jump on the turntables and just turn the whole party around.” And that’s WhatItDo!

Look for Dre’s mixtapes, “Unforgetable”, “First Step to Dubstep” & “Count it up” on and make sure you follow him on both Twitter and Facebook so that you can stay informed with all of his latest stuff.

Article Written By: G_Writer

*Photos and YouTube Videos courtesy of DJ Dre Sinatra

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