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Something Great Is Coming » Suzuki Kizashi Sport GTS 2011

Cars 19 May 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

When you hear the word Kizashi, you automatically wonder what it means. Well let me tell you WhatItDo! When translated from Japanese, Kizashi means,”Something great is coming.” I had the opportunity to test drive this vehicle for a week and it was fast, smooth on the roads, and dip corners with no problem.

Why drive the Suzuki Kizashi Sport 2011?

Driving the Kizashi Sport is comfortable and the pick up on speed was nice. I test drove the GTS FWD manual edition and it was easy to switch gears in the busiest streets of Los Angeles. Most people don’t like to drive shift in a busy city but this car made it easy. The Kizashi Sport is often compared to the Audi 4 (A4). It’s the best kind of sedan with all of the interior and exterior trimmings and retails at $25,000. You can’t beat the price because it’s $5,000 cheaper than an average new car in the U.S. and to top it off, it averages 20 city-MPG and 29 highway-MPG.

What’s good in the hood?

The engine in this car is equipped with 2.4 liter, double overhead cam (DOHC), 16-valve, and digital fuel injection with a six-speed manual transmission with front wheel drive. This 185 horsepower engine with 170 pound-feet of torque maneuvers on California freeways like it owns the road. What I like about the Kizashi Sport is that when you step on the gas acceleration, it has a light pick up on the road as it gains momentum when shifting gears to catch speed.

How’s the interior?

The Whatitdo

The Kizashi Sport interior comes freshly dipped in black leather, race car style seats, a sunroof so that the California sun can shine right through, and audio and climate controls on the three spoke steering wheel with paddle shifters for the fast and furious driver. The audio system is always my favorite interior gadget. This car comes fully equipped with a Rockford Fosgate sound system with hands-free bluetooth capabilities, and for many people, bluetooth is a must in order to drive. Other features include a keyless entry and start button, dual climate control on the center stack, and a USB port, which is convenient to plug any portable device.

What about the exterior?

The mesh chrome grill looks hot, especially with the sport model’s lower bumper which has more chrome mesh and fog lights. The wrap-around head lamps really adds value to the 2011 Suzuki Kizashi Sport giving it an expensive look. My favorite color on a vehicle is silver and that’s what I got. The 16” alloy chrome rims was the icing on the Kizashi Sport making the exterior package look complete.

So, when you are looking for something affordable with interior style and exterior beauty, go check out the Suzuki Kizashi Sport, because when you least expect it, something great is turning your corner and that’s WhatItDo! For more information on the Suzuki automotive brand, please visit their official website.



Review By: Elizabeth Lavulo

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