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When It Comes to Dreams, Just Go For It » Lead Actress Aimee Garcia

Entertainment 14 May 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

You’ve seen her on NBC’s “Trauma”, ABC’s “Off the Map”, and even “The George Lopez Show“, but Aimee Garcia (who is half Mexican and half Puerto Rican) has finally seized what her extensive resume has rightfully earned – a leading role on the big screen. The WhatItDo had the opportunity to interview Garcia as she promotes her new film, Go For It!, which hit theaters yesterday. Garcia didn’t hesitate to illustrate the painstaking authenticity and genuine rawness that occurred both on and off screen and we were beyond excited to get in on the details.

Though Garcia comes to the table with a dance background in jazz and ballet, the film focused more on Hip-Hop dance so she had to undergo eight months of intense and brutal training to familiarize herself with and master Hip-Hop dance. She immersed herself into each routine and didn’t let her being bruised up, tore up, and in need of Advil throughout the day to get in her way. No stunt double needed here. Garcia performs every dance segment on her own and lives up to the caliber of dance that many professional dancers and dance group, The Beat Freaks, brought on set.

A lack of funds had no bearing on the level of talent that was showcased, and Garcia was adamant to get across that the dancers in this film practiced and performed as though they were entering a national competition – with high energy and fighting for their lives. She states, “Dance moves communicate… the best dancers move you and put it out there” and the best way to perform is to “go for it and commit.” Not only is Garcia responsible for setting the tone for the cast and crew as the lead actress, but she is expected to lead the film’s dive into the world of dance with a commitment that is believable, and well, she nailed it.

This entire film was shot in only eighteen days so there was little room for error. Everyone had to be on their game. Garcia emphasizes that the preparation and execution of each scene was insane! She described the film as being “total guerilla filmmaking” with a “documentary-style” feel to it, which gave the film a rugged truthfulness that only Garcia and the dancers involved could capture. Let’s not forget that this film is straight-up pure female muscle – zero male dancers.

Go For It!, according to Garcia, was an underdog project that was undoubtedly a labor of love that was produced with blood, sweat, and tears. She hopes that this film will inspire and encourage everyone, especially dancers, to continue doing what they’re doing and know that they can do anything. In dance, Garcia says, “You have to be mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally invested,” and she and her cast definitely achieved that. This film brought together professional dancers and incredible actors, not one or the other, and we, the audience, couldn’t ask for anything more.

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Article Written By: Juliet Uata
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