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Unique LA 2011 Spring Show

Fashion 13 May 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

The Unique LA Spring Show, which occurred last weekend on Saturday and Sunday (May 7-8) at the California Market Center, is an independent design show focused on encouraging locals to buy from local retailers to support and boost L.A.’s economy. The show is also an advocate of domestic manufacturing and boasts that over 95% of the products sold at the show are made here in the U.S. Hundreds of attendees and vendors made for an event packed with fun, fashion, food, art, and more! Here are some companies/brands that captured the essence of “unique” and were some of the best in the show.

Fashion – L.A. fashion showed up in style and Muz Wear Urbn Grmnts and Arka Clothing kept it hip and fresh with their urban print tees and fly accessories. Homako had adorable felt and fabric jewelry including origami necklaces made of cotton knit jersey, and Vahetwisted offered beautifully and uniquely woven and twisted gold and silver pieces with all-natural gems, stones, and pearls.

Beauty – Besame Cosmetics held its own with its vintage beauty collection that includes lipstick in twelve different shades of red and a mascara with a classic recipe. This is THE brand to give you that glamorous, vintage look that’ll turn heads, stop traffic, and put you right on the red carpet. (A side tip for my Island girls – the Cherry Red lipstick is definitely our color!)

Home Decor – Magnetic Grain brought something interesting and new to home decor with its magnetic wood blocks that can be arranged in hundreds of different ways and are a sure way to add something fun, creative, warm, and natural to your home.

Art – Nidhi Chanani, illustrator and designer, had the most adorable and memorable prints in the show. Her artwork portrays images of playfulness and affection with a magical touch. Simply too cute for words.

Food – P.O.P Candy will sweeten your day with its handmade, all-natural butter crunch treats in a variety of flavors, and Gotta Have S’more had my tastebuds screaming, “GIVE ME SOME MORE!!” Those s’more s’muffins are to die for!

Unique LA sure knows how to put on a show and bring out the best of L.A. The show made a great successful step forward in exposing local merchants/retailers and encouraging the SoCal community to buy local. Can’t wait for the next show!

Article Written By: Juliet Uata

*Photos Courtesy of UniqueLA and

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