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Solid as a Rock » Urban Island Rock Star, Maika Maile

Music 09 May 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Who says Polynesians aren’t rock stars? Get a pen and paper and take notes because TheWhatItDo is about to put you up on game! When you have over a million hits on your YouTube channel, over 12,000 followers on Twitter, several fan clubs, and toured all over the U.S., Europe, Japan and Australia, you’re a rock star! Front man of the Florida Rock band, There For Tomorrow, is Maika Maile and he’s getting love and respect up and down the music industry and has an unbelievable fan base. TheWhatItDo was honored to interview this already mainstream Urban Island Rock Star.

Born in Orlando, Florida, Maile was raised around the world of entertainment. His father was a dancer and musician in the Polynesian Luau at Disney World for many years and there are other musically talented relatives that Maile was exposed to as a child. He said, “My Dad always sang so it was a natural transition.” At the tender age of six, he picked up a guitar and began to teach himself how to play. That same year, Maile bought his first Metallica album and it was love at first listen. “I was listening to the music that parents don’t want their kids listening too, but I liked the music, not the lyrics.”

Maile and his friends, Jay Enriquez and Christopher Kamrada, started a band in their teens (later adding band member Christian Climer) and are now known as There For Tomorrow. The name was created because the band wants longevity in the industry. “We want to exist.. and not be a one-hit wonder.” Their intentions are to grow as a band and continue to learn and be exposed to everything this industry has to offer. “We’re more in it like a marathon, and not a fast sprint.” There For Tomorrow has much noted success and continues to do shows all over and anticipates a real promising future. They are getting ready to tour in Europe again and will release their sophomore album in June of this year.

Maika Maile

Unfortunately, Maile has experienced many tragedies in his life which could easily hinder anyone’s pursuit of happiness, but he has prevailed. When he was ten years old, his older sister Ana was killed in a car accident. His father was so distraught from her death that he fell into a deep depression and three years later took his own life at Ana’s grave. Since then, Maile has evolved into a focused and determined man. He has made a personal vow to deal with these tragedies through creating music and the opportunity for positive outcomes. “These experiences have totally shaped me.” Maile has joined suicide prevention and has connected with non-profits to raise awareness about suicide. “I don’t want people to feel stuck or like there is no way out.”

Currently, in the South Pacific realm, Grunge, Alternative, and Metal music is not prevalent or even liked, much less performed, so the concept of a Tongan being a Rock Star may be a little unfamiliar. Maile is proof that Polynesians can crossover and be successful in mainstream music because he’s doing it. Although he has been through a lot, those experiences don’t determine who he is, but what he’s done in lieu of them does. He’s a well-grounded, solid individual with musical skills that will definitely be here for tomorrow, the next day, and the next day, ‘til he’s done ROCKIN’!

You can follow There For Tomorrow on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and YouTube. There For Tomorrow is part of Hopeless Records, so check out other great artists under this great label.

There For Tomorrow Videos:

A Little Faster

No More Room To Breathe


Article Written By: RAEN

*Photos Courtesy of Gabe Young.

*YouTube Videos Courtesy of Hopeless Records.

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