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Do you know what it means to have Millionaire Momentum? Branden King does!

Entertainment 05 May 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

“Basically it means to have the hustle mentality! You see those people that have made millions of dollars—Oprah, Bill Gates, Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, Donald Trump—they did it with integrity. They did it with business savvy. They did it with persistence. A millionaire gets up every day at the crack of dawn and just chops at it. He never stops. They did it with all of the things that make a business great and so I tell people, if you have the momentum of a millionaire, if you just have a piece of the momentum of a millionaire, there’s no way that you can’t win.”

Branden King has come a long way since moving from Chicago to California. Catching the train every day from Riverside to L.A with only $6 in his pocket and aspirations to be an actor in Hollywood, King has become a rising star in a fast paced industry.  Over the past five years, King has been a casting director for MTV and BET and has cast dozens of music videos including: “Wet” by Snoop Dogg, “She Couldn’t Make It On Her Own” by Ice Cube, and “1-4-3” by Bobby Brackins ft. Ray J. He has worked with artists like New Boyz, Clinton Sparks, and Sean Paul. King currently has two national commercials for AAMCO and ION NETWORK and has clients in Playboy , JM magazine, Black Men Magazine, MTV, BET, and Telemundo Networks. After reading this list of achievements, if you thought King couldn’t get any busier, you thought wrong! King has also started his own creative services company called Kingdom Universal Group, which has a management division, production division, and a casting division with a sub-company specializing in developing a clothing line under the Kingdom Universal Group umbrella appropriately titled, Millionaire Momentum.

King says, “My ultimate goal is to achieve, I want to be an achiever. I just want to live my life the best way I can in God and through Jesus Christ and continue to achieve everything I set out to do, because the only way you’re gonna be what you want is if you achieve what you need. I just want to be an achiever. I want to be a motivator. . . I want to be looked at as the person who gets the job done. I want to be successful!”

Achieving success, especially in the entertainment industry, is a lot harder than simply dreaming about it. It takes desire, business savvy, persistence, momentum and a little hustle in order to get where King is today. “My mom literally scrapped up change – like saved up dollars and bought me a one-way ticket from Chicago to L.A. for $135. I got on that plane and never looked back. . . One day, I was in the Beverly Center and this girl came up to me and was like, ‘Here’s my card. Do you want to be on “NEXT” – the TV show on MTV?’ I took her card and I waited like a week, and I called the number and a guy answered and I was like ‘Man… I was supposed to come in for an interview as a casting director but no one has called me back yet! What’s up?’. . . I called back for 5 days in a row and the last day he had me on hold for like ten minutes and when he came back he told me his boss said come in for an interview tomorrow—Friday.” King got the job and continued to climb the ladder with his drive and persistence and his ability to make friends and help people.

Branden King

In King’s eyes, success doesn’t mean keeping all the glory to himself. King is truly one of those altruistic people who believes success should be spread around, shared, and used to inspire and uplift others. King has a knack for hooking people up. “I’m cut from a different cloth, and I like to see people succeed. I like to see people win. I like genuine friendships. I like genuine happiness… I like everything to be authentic… I like to play relationship matchmaker. . . I started to notice that people started to get jobs or I would see people on commercials or I would see people that I hooked up with certain things and I would be like ‘Man, that’s pretty cool!’ As a result of that, I’ve garnished some great connections from high-end celebrities to the biggest producers to the biggest music people.”

And personally, King isn’t slowing down either! “Acting has always been my first love that is still my love and my passion. I love every aspect of being an actor; I love the grit of it. I love the hustle of it. I love the persistence you have to have, the endless courage that you have to have. I love everything about acting. I feel like this is going to be the year that I do a lot of TV and I have some Indie films that are hitting Sundance. I’m gonna be doing a film called “Little Odessa” soon.”

King also states, “I’m still not even 10% of where I want to be, but the future is very great and it’s really bright for anybody. I have friends whose celebrity status is way greater than I am now, but life is so promising and anybody can be on any level if you can bring that passion and give your best.” King is building momentum with his perfect balance of hard work, perseverance, and benevolence, and that’s WHATITDO!

Watch for King to do big things! You can contact him on Twitter and see what he’s up to on IMDB. Keep looking out for Kingdom Universal Group to hit the internet.

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