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A Clear Cut Vision with actor Cory Hardrict

Entertainment 02 May 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Moving to Los Angeles with only $75 in his pocket and the clear cut vision of realizing his dream to become a professional actor, Cory Hardrict is not only a Hollywood success story but also an inspiration for others.  Since moving to LA, Cory has had roles on television shows like “Smart Guy,”  “Cold Case,”  “Law & Order,” “ CSI,”  “Without a Trace,”  “Heroes,”  “Lincoln Heights,”  “K-ville,” and “The Game” and movies like “Driftwood”, “Never Been Kissed,”  “Gran Torino,” and “He’s Just Not That Into You.” Most recently, you may recognize Cory from his starring role as Jason Lockett alongside actors Aaron Eckhart, Ne-Yo, and Michelle Rodriguez in “Battle: Los Angeles.”

Cory was raised by his mother who, “taught me good values and taught me to be inspired by what I believe in and to go after my goals.” Early in his youth, Cory’s goals and belief in himself were shaped as his mother took him for an audition as an extra in an open casting call. Cory said, “I ended up getting one speaking line, and I worked on that for like a month and a half. Ever since then I caught the acting bug, and then I went on to continue to do it.”

“My first TV show debut was on ‘Smart Guy.’ I had come out to California for a week to visit a friend of a friend and ended up going to this casting for a guest star roll on the show.  I went in, and I didn’t have no picture, no resume, no anything and auditioned and I got a part. My plane ticket was scheduled to leave the next day but I ended up staying for like 5 extra days, because I ended up doing 3 to 4 days on the show.”

Cory says, “You want to have a clear vision of what you want to do and what you want to accomplish no matter what people try to box you up in. I have a clear cut vision of the work I want to do and if it’s not the work I want to do, I’m just not going to do it until my vision comes to pass.”

Cory was drawn to the script for “Battle: Los Angeles because it was a war film and an alien invasion film and He has wanted to do both.  “I love ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘Black Hawk Down’ and I always wanted to do an alien invasion movie because I love Will Smith in ‘Independence Day’ and ‘War of the Worlds’ with Tom Cruise.” But what Cory didn’t realize was how closely his character would be patterned after his real life experiences. “When he sent me the synopsis of the character, I was reading it and the first thing it said was that this guy was from the south side of Chicago, he loses his mother, and he lost his brother in the marines. I thought, ‘Wow I’m from Chicago, I lost my mom to Leukemia and my brother was killed three years ago in Chicago—this is crazy.’  I believe that everything happens for a reason, so what I tried to do was bring out my real life experiences and put them into my character because I felt like it was me. I felt like I was born for that roll so, to this day, I feel like it was a dream that I was able to play this character. When the movie came out a lot of things didn’t make the movie, but what they did keep, I feel that I was still able to establish myself as a good character with a good emotional story, and fight aliens at the same time, so that was kind of cool.”

Cory has met and worked with industry icons like Clint Eastwood, Jennifer Aniston, and Sydney Poitier, and his perseverance, desire, and drive have helped him continue to advance his acting career without losing focus on his path. “My ultimate goal is to win an Oscar one day.   I set my sights on that when I moved out here, over 10 years ago. Even though that might seem impossible, as long as you put God first, and you believe, anything is possible. You got to continue to TRUST. I want to win an Oscar one day but also, I want to do great work and just touch people’s lives in one way or another. I’m not in it for the money or to be super wealthy, I mean that would be nice if that comes with it, but if it doesn’t, I want my work to mean something.  I want it to resonate with people. Not just one specific race, but all cultures and races. I don’t want people to look at me as a black actor who does black movies, I want people to look at me as an actor who does great movies. That’s the category and class of people I want to be in.  I want people to be inspired when they watch me in movies or pull something from it that they can relate to.”

Cory is a man of values and integrity and hopes to be an example to others both in his professional and personal life. He and his beautiful wife, Tia Mowry– half of the twin starlets from the sitcom “Sister, Sister” – are, “very excited to bring a healthy child into this world and ready to teach him the way and be a positive role model and put light to my son’s life. I want to show him the values I was raised with and teach him to respect people, go after your dreams, and just work hard.”

Cory’s career is inspiring, and his words encouraging for aspiring actors. “If you have a goal that you want to pursue this field, get into class and learn how to perfect your craft first. Don’t look at the glitz and glamour and the results, you have to work on your craft. You gotta study the actor that inspires you. Little things like that. And once you study and get good at it, then you put yourself in position – move to NY or LA, try to get an agent, try to get showcases to show your talent. You gotta go there and go where the actors are and believe and work your way up.”

Cory Hardrict is class act person and an actor whose career and recognition in the industry will only continue to grow. He is living his dream and gives confidence to everyone to live theirs as well.  “Never stop believing even when you have down days. You need to remember your vision. Put yourself in the fire and do it.” Now that’s WHATITDO!

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