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Have you met The WhatItDo Crew?

Entertainment 29 Apr 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo
The Whatitdo

Hey everyone,

Our Who We Are page has a fresh new look! We wanted to make sure that you knew the crew that tells you WHATITDO!

The WhatItDo has been increasing in followers on Facebook and Twitter and the site has been getting a few thousand hits each day! As we continue to tell you WHATITDO in the music, fashion, and entertainment industries, we hope you will spread the word and join the movement. Don’t forget for quick and easy access to The WhatItDo on your smart phones, check out how to find us on the go.

Big thank you to our friends and supporters; and remember everyone, Don’t be #WHATITDONT, follow @THEWHATITDO!


For more information about how The WhatItDo started and what it’s all about check out:

Think you know The WhatItDo? Contact our crew directly on their Twitter accounts! Who knows, our next feature could be you!

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