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SLAM DUNK » On the Real with Curtis Brown of DunkXChange

Fashion 28 Apr 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

If you saw the collection of sneakers between DunkXChange co-owners Gary Hughes and Curtis Brown (over 500 pairs between them), you’d be in awe. Seriously. These two buy, sell, trade, collect, and rock kicks like no one’s business. Hughes and Brown have targeted the niche market of obsessed sneaker-lovers across the U.S. and thousands of them come out to join the DXC on their annual tours. You don’t understand. Sneaker-lovers die to participate in a DXC show the way women die to initiate themselves into Christian Louboutin’s red sole mafia – it ain’t a game; it’s THE LIFE. Before their show in New York City this weekend, TheWhatItDo caught up with Brown to get the low down on DXC.

Back in June 2005, Gary Hughes found himself in an unpleasant, unfortunate, and unacceptable situation. He had bought a few pairs of rare Nike Dunk Heinekens on eBay and after receiving them, saw that they were all fakes. These Nike Dunk Heinekens set Hughes back several hundred bucks, so this was no joke. Have you ever put money down on a product that wasn’t authentic? I’d be pissed, and well, so was Hughes. As he contemplated a way to cut out the “fakes,” Hughes remembered the baseball card shows he attended when he was younger where they could buy, sell, and trade baseball cards. DunkXChange (DXC) was created after that model and was the right move to put the show on the map.

Curtis Brown came onto the scene in 2006 as the owner, then, of a sneaker store called Soleger. As a marketing strategy, Brown partnered with Hughes on a DXC show in Whitter, CA to bring more exposure to his store and the duo have been running shows together ever since. DXC has held shows in every major city in the U.S. namely Vegas, New York City, Boston, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., San Francisco and others with their biggest show in Miami. DXC’s reputation as the largest traveling sneaker show is as real as it gets and its momentum is only growing exponentially.


Having been featured on CNN, 20/20, MTV News, History Channel, and MSNBC’s Inside Swoosh, DXC has a solid following of sneaker-lovers, sponsors, and even celebrities including DJ A.M., Fat Joe, Ed Lover, and others! DXC is all about sneakers and anything that has to do with urban, pop culture, but don’t let the show’s name fool you. It ain’t just about Dunks. You’ll find anything and everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) from Jordans, Air Maxes and Reeboks to SBs, Air Force Ones, and many more . If you treat kicks like they’re your own kids, DXC is where you need to be… fo’ real.

Hip-Hop music plays a big part of DXC and past shows have enjoyed the mixes of DJ Dummy, Clark Kent, Muggs from Soul Assassins, and Jack Da Ripper, who actually heads DXC’s music and is their main DJ. Hip-Hop artists Murs, The Grouch, The Pharcyde, Channel Live, and even Gza of Wu-Tang Clan have performed and future performances from Cyhi The Prynce, Fred the Godson, and Pusha T are coming up at the highly anticipated DXC NYC Show. Say what? Coveted sneakers, fly fashion and accessories, pop art, AND live performances? Hell yeah. That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout!

Wherever there’s a major sneaker scene, DXC will be there and the international market is no exception. DXC is working on two shows in Europe (one in London and the other in Amsterdam) and a show in Australia. Sneakers are high commodities in many circles and DXC is banking at the center. DXC knows (and been knowing) WhatItDo in the sneaker industry and if you love kicks the way Hughes and Brown do, there’s no better place to be than a DXC show.

Follow DunkXChange and keep up on upcoming events on Facebook, Twitter, and on Don’t miss DXC’s show this Saturday, April 30 in the Big Apple (NYC) at the Hiro Ballroom.


Article Written By: Juliet Uata

*Photos Courtesy of DXC, Gary Hughes, Curtis Brown, and JustB’Cause Photography
*YouTube Video “SneakerheadheadTV Ep 2 DunkXchange Co-owner Curtis” by sneakerheadtv
*Dailymotion Video “The DunkXChange” by KarmaLoopTV

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