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Stay on the Grind with Veze Skante

Music 26 Apr 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

“Watching his stepfather being murdered at the hands of his own uncle, to fathering a child at the young age of 14, all while continuing to make greenbacks by whipping Colombia’s number one export. To others, a nightmare, but for young Richard Morales a.k.a Veze Skante (pronounced VEE-ZEE SKAN-te’) it was just another day. Beginning at the ripe age of 10, it was evident Veze had the talent to put the treacherous street grind of Reseda, California into words. Meshing pain, power and profit into melodic rhymes, Veze Skante kept grinding daily and patiently waited for his time to shine.” Bio

Whether on his Facebook or on his website, if you look at his bio you can’t help but come to the conclusion that Veze Skante has had to overcome several obstacles to get to where he’s at today as a rapper, songwriter, producer—music artist! Yet you won’t hear Veze complaining about the harsh circumstances of his upbringing. Veze says, “I think when you’re going through something like that when you’re younger, you don’t realize, because it’s just normal, how crazy that is… it is what made me who I am today. Without those challenges, I wouldn’t be the same person. I thank God that I’m still here, that I’m not locked behind bars or somewhere else, and that I have the opportunity to do what I love and share it with other people.  I’m grateful for the opportunities that I have. But at the same time, all of those hardships and things that I went through made me who I am. [T]hat is what makes me so relatable to my generation and the youth – because a lot of people are going through the same struggles and the same things. So when I talk about it, they relate and they relate to me.”

Veze is definitely someone that listeners can relate to. Not only is Veze down to earth as a person, but also as an artist. He is inspiring to listen to because his love for music and his drive to penetrate the mainstream and “raise the bar” saturates his work.  Veze says, “I think of myself as an artist – not just a Latin rapper, or not just a rapper. I’m an artist and I’m a human being. Sometimes I feel sad, sometimes I feel horny, sometimes I wanna f*#!, sometimes I want everything and above so depending on the mood I’m in, depending on the beat, depending on all of that is what comes out of me.  I’m a person with all those different types of feelings so I write about all those different types of things, not just one thing… I’m a lot of things: I’m a son, I’m a brother, I’m a father, I’m a lover, I’m a fighter, I’m a lot of things. I’m not just one thing. So my music reflects that.”

Veze Skante

Veze’s music evokes a wide range of emotion and is something you feel more than just listen to. He has two mixtapes available on and is working on a brand new mixtape called “The Sh*! That Killed Elvis,” but you may recognize him from songs like “Cover Girl” or his hit single, “Die Famous,” which has been playing on stations like POWER 106 frequently at the moment. Veze says, “Big ups to DJ Felli Fel! He really gave me a chance and gave the record a chance. I was just telling him the other day, ‘thank you so much for giving me an opportunity. Now all the radio stations are playing it and the video is up on Mundo. I’m just humbled and so excited and I can’t wait for the next single to come out and keep the momentum going . . . I actually have a rock remix coming out with a dude called Tye MoHawk and we also have a dubstep house/trance remix coming out with my boys Cold Blinks and Alex Dreams from 102.7 KIIS FM, so I’m really excited for that. It’s going to give the record a whole new birth.”

Currently, Veze has been working with industry icon Jessy Terrero, both shooting the video in Miami or New York for his upcoming single, “Flawless,” which is more of a “track to the ladies,” or doing work with their joint business Capo Regime Records developing new artists like Panama Red and Valley Droop. Veze says, “It’s humbling [working with Jessy]. He’s unbelievable. To see how he did it as a Latino.  He’s like an older brother to me. He’s really like a mentor to me.  He taught me everything that I know in this game, and how to be successful, and how to be humble, and just get at business in a professional manner. He really molded me. When I came to this game I was just a street kid who really didn’t know much. He really schooled me and took me under his wing, really took the time to show me how to do this right. And now every relationship that I build is positive in that way because he taught me all that. I owe a lot, if not everything, to Jessy. So, he’s my brother and I love him. Big up to Jessy.”

Veze hopes to make history by being the first Mexican/Latin rapper from the West Coast to really hit the mainstream with mainstream records, and mainstream videos. “I want to bring not just Latin rap but the whole West Coast to a whole ‘notha level and make history in that way and really be an inspiration to Latin youth.”  Veze wants for the artists who come after him to be better and to keep pushing the bar higher, which is definitely WHATITDO!

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Article Written By: G_Writer

*Article photo and YouTube videos courtesy of Veze Skante

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