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Get Hook’d with Alex Aiono

Music 25 Apr 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo
alex aiono

Insightfully crafted lyrics seem to flow naturally to Alex Aiono – singer, songwriter, and yes, only 14! Alex may be young, but he is not new to creating music. He wrote his first song when he was just 4 years old. Alex said, “I wrote it for my little sister and it was entitled “Oh Miss Hallie.” I mean, it included a lot of rhyming words like walk and talk, but it was a good experience to grow from.”

Alex has come a long way since pairing rhyming words together for his little sister. Music has been an integral part of Alex’s life because it is intertwined with his family, religion, and culture. “Polynesian culture is so tight in family and in music. Music has always been part of our culture and I feel that being a Pacific Islander is a high privilege, because it comes so naturally.” Alex says, “Growing up with such a musically inclined family, it not only pushed me to grow as a part of the family and be a part of the music but it also influenced me. Seeing my uncles and aunties and my cousins perform and hearing their voices … music just struck me and it automatically pushed me to build.” Alex said, “I always knew that I loved music, but it was only at the point where I saw that my music affected others that I wanted to pursue music as a profession.”

Since moving to L.A. in January, Alex has had the opportunity to meet and work with a list of writers and artists like Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, Patrick Leonard, Anton Dixon, Nathan Skynet Vinall, Tim Kelly and Bob Robinson, and has been asked to write music for Boyz II Men and Toni Braxton.  Everyone who has worked with Alex so far has recognized that he is way more than just a performer and that his career in the music industry is only just beginning. Alex says, “I’m a hybrid artist and I love making hybrid music. The songs I create might be a mixture of Folk and R&B, or it might be a mixture of Rock and Hip-Hop, which is already being done. The pathways are already being paved over and all I gotta do is just walk over it.”

alex aiono

Alex says, “My ultimate goal as a music writer is to be the songbird of my generation. I want to create those songs that leave so many remnants of emotion in your brain that you sing them; You sing them to your girlfriend, to your wife, to your fiance, to your children, to your grandparents, to everyone. You sing them on your way to work and sing them on your way home. I want to create the songs that everyone can say, ‘Yeah I remember that song! That was the song I had my first kiss to, or danced at my wedding to, or had my first date, or first heartbreak.’ I want to make the soundtrack to people’s lives, because music is a language that everyone knows, but above that love is a language that everyone has to know. Nobody has different love; There are different types of love, but there’s not different love. Love stretches out into every emotion. Love stretches out into awkwardness, into intimacy, into friendship, into love you have for parents, pets, foods, or a significant other.” Alex feels that love penetrates all aspects of life and has the power to change the world, which is something that fuels his passion and drive to succeed.

“Currently I’m working in the studio recording a lot. I’m collaborating with other producers by writing with them or if they’ve already written something, I just cut the vocals. In my free time, I write my own music.” When not in the studio, you might find him “busking” on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Alex says, “Busking is when you perform out in a public audience and it’s not scheduled for anybody. I currently busk just to work on my chops. You meet a lot of people, people leave tips, and I’m not gonna lie, you get a couple phone numbers. It’s a great mixing place.”

Alex’s approach on life is refreshing and exciting and his self-proclamation of being a hybrid artist is an extreme understatement. His style varies so much from song to song that it’s next to impossible to pigeon-hole him as a one-genre artist. One minute you’re listening to acoustical melodies that are contemplative and natural, reminiscent of Never Shout Never’s earlier works, Jack Johnson, or a Jason Mraz feel. The next minute you’re listening to soulful rhythm and blues that make you tap your foot and sway back and forth, similar to John Legend, Stevie Wonder, or Lauryn Hill. And just when you think he’s only got slow, romantic songs, Alex pulls a club popper out of his sleeve that rivals an Usher or Ke$ha jam!

For all the ladies out there, Alex IS single, but says, “I have a love and her name is Music!” Make sure you watch for Alex to break through on the mainstream. Follow him on his Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or on for the latest news and events.

Also download his club popper “Hook” for free on his Facebook!

Article Written By: G_Writer
*Article photo courtesy of Alex Aiono
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