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Big Cam’s Poly Jam Show

Events, Music 23 Apr 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

WhatitDo was in the building at Big Cam’s Poly Jam in San Francsico, CA on Saturday, April 23rd where headliner Rasmas of American Samoa took the stage for his first live performance in the U.S. The venue was Space 550, a well-known host to some of the Bay’s best parties. The place was laced with some of the Bay Area’s finest and had folks from all over Northern Cali and beyond representin’.

It was definitely the place to be as local Polynesian artist made their way to the mic like Keira D an upcoming Samoan songstress who illustrated what we can expect on her album soon to be released. Uce B, a real grounded poet/rapper also performed a few songs. The crowd was really feelin artist FlyMar, who had everyone groovin and was definitely one of the favorites of the night. Also on the ticket, powerhouse performers Alo Key & Spawn Breezie of Independence, MO each came through with that mid-west swag making all the ladies swoon in the building with their silky R&B and Island sound. The night ended with Rasmas, performing some new material and his #1 hit single, “Pretty Lil’ Teine,” which brought the house down!

It’s culture when promoters throw events that a financial benefit and promoting artists are the main objectives of throwing a show however the Poly Jam was more than that. It was a community event and a major collaboration to unite Polynesians. The network behind the Poly Jam were Co-Sponsors, Down to Baysics (a clothing store in Frisco that specializes in Island and Hip-Hop gear and accessories) and Guerrilla Hustle Entertainment (Big Cam’s promotional company). Also collaborating on the event was Fa’a Tasi, a group that focuses on building the capacity of the Polynesian community. Sirdahfyde Entertainment, another partner of this effort, is on a serious hype to unite Tongans and Samoans and decrease the feuds between the two through, music and community engagement. This is fun with a purpose and that’s WhatitDo!

The Urban Island movement was live and direct at the Poly Jam and Mr. Taylor of Sirdahfyde Entertainment preaches that Polynesians are on the rise! “We are in the race. We may not finish first… but we are definitely in the runnin!” Big Shouts out to Keira D, Uce B, Timo, Sonny Bono, FlyMar, D-Wyz of Bpos Music, Paulnoa of Fa’a Tasi, Big Cam and of course Mr. Taylor for the love shown to the WhatitDo team! All I have to say is..“Baaaaaaay Areaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”


Article Written By: RAEN

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