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The Shark Life of Drew Deezy

Music 19 Apr 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Drew Deezy is not new breed to the Bay Area Rap game. He’s one of the Rap trailblazers out of the “Shark Tank” – San Jose, CA. Currently running with the 454 Life Entertainment camp, Drew Deezy has really begun to shape his future and music.  Rapping since he was 15 years old, this Samoan Rap artist believed that he didn’t choose music; it chose him. After growing up with some setbacks and life challenges including incarceration, Drew Deezy  takes his life experiences to inspire his material. He’s very proud of his accomplishments since his release and considers himself a “motivational rapper” and wants to get people to hustle for what they want and believe through his music.

Recently, 454 Life has just signed a deal with Dawn Raid Entertainment/Universal Music from New Zealand and Australia. This is a great opportunity for Drew Deezy to solidify his spot in the Polynesian circuit outside of the U.S. and continue to bring us hits from the tank. His career goal is to “end up on top” and be able to financially support his family. He says, “I’ll do whatever it takes for my family to be happy.” TheWhatItDo asked if being raised Samoan has influenced his work and his response was, “Yes!” He believes that all the things he’s learned and been exposed to in his culture will help him in the industry. “Polynesians are people people and relate well to others.” He’s confident that his Samoan heritage will definitely assist him on his voyage and working with all facets that the industry possesses. The Urban Island movement is alive and pushing its way through mainstream with Drew Deezy at the forefront. His pride in his heritage far exceeds what most might think. “Don’t get it twisted or confused. I love my Polynesian people and rep for all of us. We have the potential to do whatever we want to do and never give up.”

He’s featured on 454 Life’s compilation CD that has already been released and is getting ready to drop his new album. He is currently traveling all across the nation performing and collaborating with other artists in the industry. Drew Deezy’s music history includes working with many established and fresh new artists. He’s worked with Bobby Valentino, Ray Jay, and almost every Bay Area rapper. He’s definitely got the tank on lock, cred and respect in the Bay and continues to make his way to the top. His G-swag, sexy looks, and tenacity to succeed is going to play a big part in his success, but his hard-knocking lyrics will leave others floating face down.

There are many fish in the sea but a shark is one of the most ferocious and dangerous of them all. With that said, it’s the same for the Rap game. There’s a lot of rappers in the game, but Drew Deezy  is definitely on his way to blow everyone out the water!

Article Written By: RAEN

*Photos and Videos Courtesy of 454 Life Entertainment

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