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Kanye West Brings The House Down » COACHELLA 2011

Events, Music 18 Apr 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Coachella 2011 was one of  the most exhilarating experiences I have ever had in my life. All my favorite music artists were playing non-stop all day and night  in the middle of the desert and surrounded by music lovers from all around the world. The Coachella experience, in itself, is priceless. Who was in the mix? Let’s take a look at the sick Coachella 2011 line-up: Sick right?

The best part of the weekend was the closing night on Sunday, April 17th. I was able to see The Strokes rock out the main Stage, and then I cut out to the Sahara Tent to catch the ending set of Bloody Beetroots. Lucky for me the Bloody Beetroots were killing it! When they threw on their track “Warp” featuring Steve Aoki, the crowd went bonkers! Along with the crowd going nuts, the light show that took place in the tent was bananas. White lights zapping and zipping throughout the ceilings made the tent beyond electrifying!

Once The Bloody Beetroots were done murdering their set, I raced over to the Main Stage to see the grand finale of the weekend – Kanye West. Let me tell you this: Kanye West’s Coachella 2011 closing set was the best show I have ever seen to date.

His epic performance was a blessing of an experience and I feel honored to have seen it live. Kanye was truly a god of his own. He owned the entire stage as if it was his home and welcomed us into it, showing us a time we will never forget. Kanye opened his act with a gang of beautiful women dancing in sync to “Dark Fantasy.” We all praised him as he was lifted in the air above the entire crowd and gave us what he is known for – his heart.

Kanye bled out fan favorites including “Power,” “Monster,” “Runaway,” “Hell of a Life,” and “Lost in the World” from his new album as well as “Good Life,” “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” “Jesus Walks,” and “Flashing Lights” from his previous albums. I will never forget when he addressed the crowd while performing “Say You Will.”

Kanye explained:

When I made that album I was in a very dark place in my life so I had to title it Heartbreak – losing everything that was important to me. And I always said when I was working on the last album, ‘I can’t wait to perform ‘Power’ at Coachella.’ So this is the most important show to me since my mom passed. And to be able to close the festival and see all of you, who still love me. After everything I’ve done, [the] TV said the opposite. For us to still go platinum, for us to still have number ones, to have fans that was here since ‘Through the Wire,’ [and] that you aint believe shit that they said… I really appreciate y’all tonight. ‘Cause you know I’m only tryna say and do what’s right. I only want better for y’all, better for us – the best music possible. I’m not the best singer in the world but the notes – the notes and the feeling was inside me so f*** it; I went ahead and did it. And I had this moment that was so unbelievable as many times as I thought about not being here and you all make it all worth it.

Kanye closed his set with “Hey Mama” and embroidered one for the history books. He made my Coachella 2011 experience one I will never, ever forget. Thank you, Kanye. And thank you, Coachella, for letting music lovers from everywhere be able to witness such amazing talent in one weekend.


Article written by: Adriana Davalos

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