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What’s really Cackalackan? » R&B Singer OLLIE

Music 13 Apr 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

If you know about North Cackalacka then you know WhatItDo! In the depths of North Carolina, there’s a diamond in the rough on the rise for her moment to bling! TheWhatItDo had the opportunity to meet up with a new young R&B and Pop female artist named Ollie. She is the First Lady of the MJJ Music Group and hails from the state that has produced some of the most distinct and soulful voices in the music game like The Dream, Fantasia Barino and Anthony Hamilton. Ollie is definitely on her way to being a serious contender in the likes of these artists.

Olivia Dawnetta Chisholm, a.k.a Ollie, was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a young girl, Ollie loved music and learned an array of musical instruments, composed her own music and could sing. Today, she is passionate about pursuing music and really wants to share her talents in the hopes that her songs “can inspire people.” Some of Ollie’s inspiration comes from her music idols Michael Jackson, Prince and Beyonce, and she wants to use their careers as a vision for her own.

Being multi-ethnic (half Tongan and half African-American), Ollie says she has the best of both worlds and is confident that this unique combination will help her music career. She embraces both sides of her heritage and feels extremely blessed to represent both. In North Carolina, there aren’t a lot of Polynesians as the West Coast and she is often asked about her ethnicity. Ollie says, “ People always wonder what I am and I love to tell them that I’m part Tongan.” It opens up the opportunity for her to share her Polynesian heritage and put the East Coast up on some game! She is proud to have R&B, Soul, and Island music in her blood which is what her talent reflects. Her cultural heritage and roots capture an authentic picture of the beauty that she possesses. Her contribution to the Urban Island movement is monumental and will have lasting effects for other artists in the future. Her music career is young with the definite potential to have longevity in the industry.

Ollie has opened up for artists like Bobby Valentino, Miguel and Calvin Richardson just to name a few which proves she’s worthy of the stage. She is due to release her album in July of this year and is getting approached by many industry moguls to work with them. Along with other projects, Ollie is also very excited to work and record with some Polynesian artists in the near future. She is making her way to the West Coast to get more exposure with performing in the Polynesian sectors. You can find Ollie on YouTube and soon at a store near you!

If there’s anything that Ollie wants people to know about her, it’s that her passion for music is real. “At the end of the day, if you really love music you should never stop doing music. If you love it, then it’s worth it.” Ollie is young, fresh and untouchable. She is real sweet and even a little shy but when she grabs the microphone, she’s fearless, powerful and undeniably talented. North Cackalack is in the building!!

Article Written By: RAEN

*Photo and YouTube video courtesy of MJJ Music Group

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