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Keepin’ it A1 » Rapper Bobby Brackins

Entertainment, Music 07 Apr 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

1-4-3, I la la la love you” was what everybody was singin’ last summer. This song, by rapper Bobby Brackins and singer Ray J, was on constant replay on radio stations due to large requests from fans. Brackins, a Bay native, is back again and ready to take over the airwaves with even more hit songs.

Born in Berkeley and raised in Oakland, Brackins was introduced to the music scene at a young age. He grew up listening to Too Short, E-40, and Mac Dre – all hard-hitters in the rap game. Because his father managed a music studio, Brackins was able to see and observe rappers and artists produce music first-hand. His interest in music grew and by the time he was fifteen, he started making music on his own.

For a time, Brackins was part of the group Go Dav. Things did not work out with the group but Brackins kept pushing along and kept making music. He moved to L.A., got himself new management, and continued to make songs. “I had a big record in the Bay that was going crazy and selling like crazy on iTunes called ‘143,’” explains Brackins. “After that song, every major record label wanted to sign me.” Brackins chose to sign with Universal Records.

When asked about his style of rapping, Brackins replied, “I like to make hit records – songs that can go universal and be enjoyed by everyone. I like making songs that women can enjoy [and] that the homies can relate to.” Brackins was very adamant when answering this question. For such a young rapper in the game, he knew exactly what he wanted from this career – to make big records. Brackins also knew that aside from making hits, his career would take hits of its own. “People in this [music] business can be fake and really manipulative but you just gotta do you. In the studio, I only worry about what I gotta do and that’s [making] hits.”

Brackins has recently released a few singles from his album Living Good that will release later this year. The first is “A1” featuring singer Dev (who was also featured on the track “Fly Like a G6” by Far East Movement). Brackins added, “We just dropped the [A1] video a few days ago and it already has half a million views on YouTube.” The second song is “180” featuring Jeremih that just started heating up in the clubs and on the radio. Brackins predicts that these songs will be even bigger than “143” and I believe him! Both songs are hot with beats that will keep your head bumpin’ whether you’re on the freeway or in the club! While all of the songs are written by Brackins, the beats and sounds are produced by Nic-Nac; with this duo, the sky is the limit. Get ready, y’all, because by the end of this year, Brackins is gonna have all of us wanting more.

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YouTube videos courtesy of BobbyBrackins and BobbyBrackinsVEVO

Photos courtesy of Bobby Brackins

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