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Freak On A Mix with DJ Serafin » DJ/Remixer/Producer

Music 06 Apr 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

It’s 2011 – minimal whites and bold colors are in; if it ain’t on Twitter, it’s not trendy; oh, and as Rolling Magazine states, “DJs are the new rockstars.” Don’t believe me? Check the Billboard’s Top Songs. Where once their music was only heard in the clubs, DJs have now tapped into the mainstream and are making a household name for themselves. Not only do they mix music, but they are producing music as well! DJs such as David Guetta, Eric Prydz, and Bob Sinclair have produced several global hits in the past few years including “Call On Me,” “Sexy Chick” (featuring Akon), and “I Gotta Feeling” (performed by The Black Eyed Peas). DJs continue to make their presence known – one in particular is named DJ Serafin.

Serafin, one the dopest party rock DJ’s around, is demanded across the world.  His open style format sets consist of House, Hip Hop, Pop, Bmore, and Rock. If you’ve been to a Serafin concert you know that he can tear down the house. I have seen him live several times and can honestly say, nobody can rock it like Serafin. If you don’t know the name DJ Serafin then you’ve been living under a rock.  “[DJ Serafin] has gained major recognition for his mash ups through the esteemed remix website, He remains one of the top 10 remixers of all time.”[1]

Jesus Jeremy Ponciano Serafin Jimenez was born in the Phillippines and grew up listening to Jazz music, especially Frank Sinatra. He came to the States to attend Hollywood High Performing Arts Magnet.  As one of Jive Records official remixers, he constantly is handed new music to play. Some of Serafin’s noted remixes for Jive Records includes Artist, Livvi Franc’s single  “Now I’m That B*tch” and Jordin Sparks “S.O.S.” With two successful tours under his belt in Florida and Texas, including a 3,000 person event at the House Of Blues Orlando, the sky is the limit for what is to come.

Check out the highlights from TWID’s interview with party rock DJ Serafin.

TWID: Describe how you got into DJing and the process of becoming a DJ.

DJS: My uncle introduced me to the Technics 1200 Turntable when I was 13 and I was hooked ever since. It was the art of DJing that really got me – mixing and scratching.

Process of becoming a DJ? [First], you need to have great timing. Then, a good ear. Everything else will just come into place as you go along. Then, you have your programming and the most important part – crowd control.

TWID:  When you first started, who were some of the DJ’s that you looked up to? Why?

DJS: Dj Q-Bert is one them, I I was just amazed what he can do with the turntable,
making an instrument.

TWID: What do you feel are some of the misconceptions that the public has about DJs?

DJS: They need to know that it’s a REAL JOB; it’s our career. We are not props.
There’s so much time put into our work. We are PROFESSIONALS.

DJ Serafin

TWID: What are the pros/cons of being a DJ from L.A.?

DJS: Pros? There’s a lot of DJ culture here. It definitely helps to get bookings outside L.A. Cons? TRAFFIC (TWID: Ain’t that the truth!)

TWID: What are your immediate goals for this year?

DJS: Finalizing my Asia Tour, and keep bringin’ it to my fans.

TWID: Recently, you’ve helped to produce mobile and video game apps, specifically designed to hone in on DJing skills. Where do you see the future of DJing going?

DJS: The Future is here and everybody is a DJ. I’ve seen five-year-olds cutting it up on the 1’s and 2’s schooling veteran DJs. DJs ARE THE NEW ROCKSTARS WITHOUT LEATHER PANTS.

TWID: Any last acknowledgments or shout-outs?

DJS – I’d like to say thank you to all my fans for all the support. To my peers, my sponsors, Jbon Clothing, V-Moda and Stanton, Siz and Riz of Crooklyn Clan, and to my girls, Amy, Kaystin and Saylor.

Check out his newest produced track with DJ Disco Fries “Wild and Crazy” ft. artist Nabidon.  “Wild and Crazy” is climbing the UK Top 30 Dance Chart as it sits #17 this week. Serafin just released a track with DJ Greg Nice called “This That Sh*t” and let me tell you it is HOT!

For all of DJ Serafin’s upcoming events and music, visit his official website. Also, check him out on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Article Written By: Pesi Kava

*[1] “About DJ Serafin”

*Photos and Video Courtesy of DJ Serafin


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