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You Got to Believe in HOPE Wright

Music 05 Apr 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

You can tell a lot about a person from their name. With a name like Hope, you better believe that I expect someone with a desire to excel and with a personality that connects and goes deeper than the surface. I got what I expected and I was not disappointed one bit. Meet rapper, Hope Wright.

Born in Compton, CA as Marquis Wright, the name Hope is not even a part of his government name. “It’s a nickname my mom gave me at birth and it’s stuck with me. [She] will call me Hope to this day. She does not call me by my government name.” The reason the name Hope was chosen is still a mystery to the rapper himself, but as I continued on with the interview and got to know him more, I feel like it was more destiny than anything that brought upon that name.

When asked who were his favorite rappers growing up, Hope replied, “Initially, it was Tupac just because I was drawn in by the honesty. He had a certain grain of honesty and genuineness that stuck with me.” Hope also mentions other rap icons such as Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, and Grand Puba as favorites that helped raise him through his boyhood. After writing his first rhyme at the age of eight, rapping became a natural thing for Hope. At fifteen, he started to enter rap battles at his high school pep rallies.“ It was something I was always doing and it was always just recreational.” Friends and family of Hope always encouraged him to pursue a career in rapping. He never took it seriously until he had his first studio session and heard himself rap for the first time. Since then, Hope has been grinding to get his music out.

Everything I say, I believe and I believe everything that I say.

~HOPE Wright

Believe in HOPE Wright

Hope describes his style of rapping as “an emotional honesty that just bleeds out of me. Everything I say, I believe and I believe everything that I say.” He is one who wants to succeed at every angle and view of a track. “Some rappers are given how ever many number of beats and just spit. I need to know what the song’s about and what’s really happening. I have to understand where I’m at and where the song’s at so we can both agree and meet at a certain point. Identifying emotional honesty within each song, within each track is so essential to me.” Are we getting too deep for you? Stay with me now!

This desire for a deeper connection between the music and the lyrics, the sound and the words, is what separates Hope from his peers. He describes it as “emotional integrity.” One lesson that he’s learned in the music industry was actually penned and put down as lyrics: “Never let me see you lose. Take silent losses and win in front of everyone.” Although Hope’s silent losses may be a mystery, his assertive yet deep lyrics will win over audiences, for sure.

Hope’s latest project, “Believe in Hope Wright” is out and available to download on his official website. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Tumblr. Also, don’t forget to check out the video below!

Article Written By: Pesi Kava

*Videos and Photos courtesy of HOPE Wright.

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