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The Journey of Dayvid Thomas » R&B Artist

Music 01 Mar 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Do you know what it takes to make it big? The WHATITDO gets the low down on Dayvid Thomas (born David Thomas Siufanua) who not only knows but has what it takes. No stranger to obstacles, this young Samoan takes us through some of the setbacks he overcame to pursue his dream of becoming an R&B artist. With a voice that can stand up to Chris Brown, Lloyd, and Trey Songz, Thomas is well on his way to making a name for himself.

TWID: Tell us how this love for music started.

DT: Well, my dad started off teaching us church songs – my brother and I. We would sing and my cousin, who is the keyboarder for TreySmoov, would join in as well and we’d jam out. That’s how it all started.

TWID: Which music artists inspired you growing up?

DT: The Temptations, Boyz II Men, and Shai – just to name a few. I also love D’Angelo and Lauryn Hill’s voices.

TWID: We’ve heard you sing Island songs, but with your voice, we totally hear R&B.

DT: I do love Island music, but R&B is my thing.

TWID: Tell us of your journey to pursue a music career to this point.

DT: After graduating from high school, I went up to Fairfield, CA to try and start my music career with a few guys I knew who were living there. I was on my own out there. I got two jobs to support myself, to pay rent, and the rest of the money went to studio time to make music … By the time I made enough songs to make an album, I realized I had no money to get [the album] done. I had no way of getting the album distributed, no money for a photo shoot for the album cover, nothing. So I left Fairfield for Ventura College to focus on school and football.

TWID: What happened to the music career?

DT: I put that on hold, but it was while I was at Ventura College that I realized [even more] how much I wanted a music career. The [football] boys noticed that I’d always be singing in the locker rooms, during practice, whenever. Even if we were having a bad day, I would sing to try and make them laugh. I was just always singing.

Thomas then decided to pursue a music career, again.

DT: I went to San Diego and lived with my dad for a bit. I would work and do shows at Seau’s Restaurant every Thursday for three hours! After each show, I would lose my voice. It would [eventually] come back in time for the next show that next week.

Thomas explained how he and his band created a buzz among customers because they would play current, up-to-date music that the audience liked. Although his shows were popular, it wasn’t enough to get noticed. So he picked up and moved, again. This time to Carson, CA with his uncle, Tom Siufanua.

TWID: So you moved to Carson and began with Ground Up Management?

DT: Yep, on November 23, 2010.  I knew I couldn’t do this by myself so I asked my uncle if they would help me out. And that’s when Ground Up Management started.

The Ground Up team’s first goal with Thomas was to create a fan base.  How? The same way current music stars Justin Bieber (“Baby,” “Somebody to Love”) and Dondria (“You’re the One”) started theirs – through social networking. Up until this point, Thomas already had videos up on YouTube, but the Ground Up team felt that this wasn’t generating enough publicity. By “restructuring” Thomas’ YouTube page and creating accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo, the team was able to create enough buzz and expand his fan base to finally be noticed by major record labels in Hollywood.

TWID: So what can we expect from you this year?

DT: Well, I have a production deal in progress at the moment.  Also be on the lookout for an album to drop by this summer.

TWID: What is your ultimate goal in the music industry?

DT: I want to be a superstar. I want to sing live night after night in front of thousands of people.

TWID: Do you have any last words for Polynesians or anyone wanting to make it in the music business?

DT: Yeah, that we can do anything that anyone else is doing [in the music business] right now.

Thomas is determined to make it big and do what he loves most – sing and perform live. Without a doubt, this artist has the stage presence to entertain any crowd, the voice to win over thousands of fans, and the drive to be R&B’s next hit.

Follow Dayvid Thomas on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo or on his official website.

Check out Dayvid’s current Single: Swagga Like Hers


Article written by: Pesi Kava

*Feature Photo courtesy of Lela Savali Siufanua

*Article Photography courtesy of Ralph Misa Photography.

*Pesi Kava photo courtesy of
Mapuana Photography.

*YouTube videos courtesy of dmasi1989
*Photos courtesy of Dayvid Thomas

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