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Let’s Do It Again with Island Reggae Artist J Boog

Music 24 Feb 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Born and raised in Compton, California, Jerry Afemata also known as J Boog is a rising sensation in the Urban Island music scene. He is currently signed to Wash House Records  and is managed by Afemata Bros. Entertainment.

Watching him perform on stage during his show in Las Vegas, NV, he’s definitely a crowd-pleaser. His fans love him and enjoy singing along to his music.

But behind the scenes, J Boog is a humble and cool guy. Being around a lot of music artists, I can tell if an artist is serious, driven, in it for a one hit wonder, know what he or she is doing, or clueless and think they’ve made it just because they have a little fan base. This is not the case for J Boog. “My older sister used to do runs on the piano” he said, “and I used to be right there bugging her to try and hit every note.” He’s always grateful for his family supporting him and for always being there for him. You can tell he is rooted and he knows who he is. What I like is that he doesn’t even realize how talented he is and he is grateful for the opportunities that were given to him. Certain artists hit a point where they feel like they are on top of the world and they forget where they came from. J Boog certainly has the success to fall into that, but I was impressed by his humility and his sincerity.

When asked if Urban Island music should be its own genre, he said “I would really like island music to go mainstream. It’s like you can’t go wrong.” He doesn’t see himself as a trailblazer in causing this music genre to cross over to the mainstream. He takes it day by day, but his popularity on sites like YouTube don’t lie. He’s already racked up half a million views on multiple songs like “Love Season” and “Ghanja Farmer”. What? Are you kidding me? He’s definitely making a big impact, and his grounded character keeps him humbly balanced and focused.

His raspy sound is untouchable. His Samoan family roots are solid. He is disciplined and is addicted to performing because of the energy he receives on stage, giving him a creative outlet. “Music is my release,” says J Boog. I’ve learned that we all have our own styles of expressing what we are passionate about.  When I asked him to sum up what Urban Island music is in one word, he states, “Urban Island music is love.” He’s right about that.

Let’s Do It Again is his latest single and you can find his album Hear Me Roar on iTunes and

Article written by: Lisa Lavulo

*photography provided by Don Corleon Records and Wash House Music.

*YouTube music “Let’s Do It Again” provided by Don Corleon Records.

*Record Label information partially provided by “Big Vill” of DawnRaid music.

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