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Houston, We Don’t Have a Problem with Tedashii » Hip-Hop Artist

Music 23 Feb 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

“Houston, we have a problem.” Well, not exactly.
The Urban Island movement is not just about Pacific Islanders pushing the envelope, but Pacific Islanders who are changing the game! WhatItDo was blessed to meet up with Gospel Hip-Hop artist, Tedashii “TDot” Anderson.
Tedashii (Japanese for “righteous and faithful”) is on the rise to putting the genre of Gospel Hip-Hop music in heavy rotation in Polynesian homes and all across America. His hard-hitting beats and spiritual messages of Christ are becoming a more familiar form of ministry among youth and young adults.

Born and raised in Houston, TX, Tedashii grew up in a loving home and was raised by his mother. Hip-Hop had a lot of influence in his life and he says, “ I didn’t grow up with my dad, but I was still raised by men. Tupac taught me how to be a man, Biggy taught me how to party, and LL Cool J taught me how to talk to girls.” While he was learning how to survive through Hip-Hop, Tedashii shared that he was also getting to know Jesus Christ. Raised by his African-American mother and in a predominantly African- American community, Tedashii eventually grew an interest in meeting his Samoan father. “Once I knew my Heavenly Father, I wanted to know my earthly father.”

Today, Tedashii has a great and close relationship with his father who resides in Washington.  He has met more of his siblings and has even visited Samoa to learn firsthand about who he is and where a part of him comes from. Tedashii is a true Christian with die hard Hip-Hop influences, which is a perfect combination to be a part of an effort in building more positive male role models for young men to look up to. Growing up, he says there weren’t a lot of fathers around to nurture and guide their own children and he wants to change that; especially for his own son. He wants to leave a legacy behind that challenges people to “grow up!” The opportunity to be on stage and have people engaged in his music is a perfect platform to convey a message that encourages people to live their best lives through Christ. In his experience, he’s seen a lot of depression and despair but he hopes that his music can inspire people to keep pressing on one more day.

There’s a lot of truth and purpose in his music. He raps about what he truly believes in. “People need to solidify their relationship with Christ before you go talking about it.” Enough said. Tedashii is candid about his testimony of Christ through Hip-Hop, and what he spits is just the same. After dropping two albums and being featured on numerous tracks of other artists, Tedashii is becoming more and more popular with over 15,000 followers on Twitter. “Houston We Have a Problem,” off of his first album Kingdom People and “Make War” on his sophomore album Identity Crisis needs to be bumpin’ in everybody’s ride and iPod. This is a new game with a new player so watch out! If you love Hip-Hop and you love Jesus, you’re going to love Tedashii. That’s WhatItDo!

You can purchase Tedashii’s albums Kingdom People and Identity Crisis at Wal-Mart, Family Christian, and Lifeway stores among others, and on iTunes.

Article Written By: RAEN

*Tedashii images and YouTube video provided by Reach Records.

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