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Music 17 Feb 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Is two really better than one? Such is the case for island reggae group, Na Drua, which means ‘twins’ in Fijian. Growing up in the beautiful islands of Fiji and Hawaii, twin brothers Semi and Jona Qoro developed a great love for island and reggae music at an early age. “Listening to our uncles and aunties just play music at home,” Semi recalls, “that’s how it started. It just came naturally.”

And so naturally, they began to sing for family and friends at various functions with childhood friend, Sione Liufau. Their smooth sounds and harmonious blends did not go unnoticed by their peers. They began singing acoustically with their friends around a evening jam session, and or family gatherings that gave them an instant audience that loved their voices and sound.  “People loved to hear us sing,” says Semi, “and that’s what encouraged us to continue with the music that we’re doing.” The twins and Sione decided to take their music mainstream, and thus, became the group, Na Drua.

When asked about urban island music, Jona described it as a fusion of the island style they grew up with and reggae music. He also re-emphasizes how this natural love is the real backbone of their music. “It’s the love of music, the love of our culture – that’s what motivates us.”

Anyone who listens to their music can unquestionably feel this love, from their pure yet strong three-part harmony to the rhythmic strums of the ukulele and guitar.  Na Drua is definitely showing the world Whatitdo with their urban island music!

Article Written by: Pesi Kava

*NaDrua photographs provided by NaDrua group.

**youtube video of NA DRUA performance provided by DSTRBN Arts T.V.

*Pesi Kava photograph provided by Mapuana Photography.

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