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Urban island group 3RProductions brings a NU sound

Music 09 Feb 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

A NU SOUND has stepped onto the scene and we were able to catch up with Portland’s upcoming urban Island group 3RP. These gentlemen bring a mixture of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Reggae music fusing it with Polynesian pacific rhythms giving us an exciting smooth relaxed sound.

3RProductions got together two and half years ago at a  kava party singing around the circle. Kava is a natural plant and is pounded into a powder-like substance which sedates a person and relaxes them without disrupting mental clarity but we won’t get into that right now. These gentlemen are young, innovative and know their roots of music very well.

Taloa Pole’o who is a member of the group comes from a musically talented family that takes him back to his native home country of the Kingdom of Tonga.  His uncle Foni Pole’o revolutionized Tongan Reggae in the Kingdom and it was hot like “faya” in the island nation.  He credits his family for his music production training as well as riddim sounds of the islands. He states,”Growing up in the states I adapted to new cultural sounds of R&B and Hip-Hop and added my own pacific flavor to create Urban Island Music.

When asked if their Urban Island rhythmic sound had potential to become its own genre like Reggae-ton perhaps or pop and group member Chris Fuapau said,”Without a doubt.” He then proceeded to explain that its going to be its own genre because the way the music moves a persons emotion.  When I listened to their latest track called,“KISS-YAH” I would have to say its a definite SLAP. Whether it will hit in your face or get you in a good mood, you will definitely groove to it. I picture myself cruising down Sunset Boulevard heading towards the beach in one of my WHATITDO vehicles with my hair did and letting the California Sun shine right through me.  Its a feel good sound that has yet to breakthrough to the mainstream music scene.

These guys feel that the Urban Island Sound can introduce a fresh new take on music today. They are currently working on their new album which will release later this year. This group is confident, they understand their obstacles of the music game and these guys are impressive because they stay humble and stick with the hard work by grinding. 3RProductions will be performing in Las Vegas during Valentines Weekend which is a MUST SEE!! And to me, that’s a definite WHAT IT DO!

-Article Written by: Elizabeth Lavulo

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