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MR2 GROUP USA is in the building, folks

Gadgets 08 Feb 2011   »   by TheWhatItDo

Who is the MR2 Group USA and what are they bringing to the table folks? It’s amazing when you attend the insane Consumer Electronics Show because they’ve got electronic products for days. The largest show in Las Vegas for the year, this year was packed to capacity. And in the building during the show was the MR2 Group USA. Mitch Richmond former NBA Star and a future Hall of Famer, released his bluetooth wireless headphones during the show. Mitch took the show by storm when CES least expected him too.

MR2 Group USA is a combination of only two things; Mitch Richmond and his partner Richard Chiang. This dynamic duo came together in 2010 and created this product line because of one thing. They were both passionate about gadgets and electronics and being on the front line of cutting edge technology. Mr. Richmond’s love for the hottest gadgets began when he played basketball in the NBA. Richmond quoted,” Watching my teammates step onto the court with their latest walkman or headsets, I always wanted what was hot.” His partner Richard Chiang is a manufacturer out of Guangzhou, CHINA. His partner is a fireball and a unique Asian fellow whom a person won’t forget. Richard states,”Our core business is blue tooth technology.” They have combined resources and by doing that, came the birth of the MR2 Group.

These gentlemen are smart and they know their space of business. During the show, Robert Horry an NBA champion was working the reception desk while hundreds of spectators surrounded. Matthew Hattchette a retired wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings got the crowd hyped on the mic giving away MR2 Group blue tooth devices. Not to mention All American Football Legend Willie McGinest stepped onto the show floor to give his boy Mr. Richmond aka “THE ROCK” some love. Not the wrestler people please don’t get it twisted. He has released his new ROCK 2 Headsets and buyers both national and international have peaked their curiosity and interests in a big way.

The icing on the cake is when R&B Singer TANK performed for the crowd around the show booth and if there were any women in the building, they were all front and center going crazy over him.  A lovely situation and a great show for the MR2 Group USA. Be on the look out in 2011 people. Beats by Dr. Dre and Skull Candy better watch out, there’s a new headset in the building and its called ROCK 2. And that’s definitely WHAT IT DO!

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