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Suzuki SX4; a vacation from the usual SUV

Cars 07 Jul 2010   »   by Admin

You’re on your way down the Pacific Coast Highway getting ready to hit the beach on this holiday weekend. You’ve conquered the goliath of traffic on the highway thanks to the pop up touchscreen nav, and you’re still trying to escape it on the streets. Yet for some reason, you’re still holding onto a full tank of gas. Life is good. Sitting in the drivers seat listening to the hottest mixtape, with a simple word you can avoid lifting a finger to answer your phone.

The best part about it all? You don’t even have to waste this driving time not enjoying the sun. You pop open the sunroof and let everyone else within earshot partake of this musical genius. Finally there’s a parking space in sight. Compact, over-sized, in between, it doesn’t really matter. It’s your spot. Now it’s time to pull down the beach cruisers and go for a little ride down the boardwalk. But wait, you need to get in that water still. Cant forget the toys. Boogie boards, chairs, and even some sand castle buckets and shovels, all fit in with the other 4 people that came with.

Now it’s coming to the end of the day and as you watch the sunset go down with your significant other, you still haven’t been able to get rid of that smile all day long. I mean life is good, but what’s this perma-smile all about? Its the realization that the 2010 Suzuki SX4 crossover is what it really is. You can drive anywhere in the city and can venture most of (if not all places in) the boondocks with its 2.0-Liter 150 HP DOHC 16-Valve engine; not to mention a 6-speed manual transmission. You can take your bikes, golf clubs, kayak, and any other toy you please wherever you go, but you don’t have to worry about burning fuel thanks to its 30 mpg on the freeway and 22 on the streets. And you can get it done for all under 20K fully loaded; that’s WHAT IT DO!

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