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2010 Infiniti FX35; the daily driver for super spies

Cars 14 Jun 2010   »   by Admin

This Infiniti rolls to a unique tune, composed by the one and only John Barry. You heard right, we’re talking composed, straight classical music.

Dressed up like a black tux with a matching bow tie, this Infiniti is hiding enough gadgets to be a creation straight from Q-Branch and is nothing short of a masterpiece. Have you caught on yet? Some of you may have, but let me break it down for you less-seasoned, not quite with it individuals…

The 2010 Infiniti FX35 is not only eye candy, it comes ready for Bond; James Bond. Everything in this perfectly designed crossover has that Q touch in its DNA. Infiniti has carefully pieced together everything from Dynamic Monitoring Traction Control to the secret stashed coat hanger.

297 horses of raw power are supplied in a V6 All-Wheel drive, so it has no problem fighting off the bad guys, and the FX35’s Complete 360 Bird’s Eye view will show you what your up against using 4 cameras hidden on all sides of the ride.

On the winding roads of the Swiss alps or in the busy streets of Los Angeles, the Hard Drive Nav with Voice Recognition will let you know where you need to be. You can avoid the heat coming from hired assassins or just avoid those Sunday slow old-lady drivers causing traffic, while on your way to any Zagat-Rated Restaurant. Just make sure you check the Real-Time Weather and the 3-D Building Specs, all supplied on a 7-inch screen.

And best not forget about the iPod interface and USB port for the vital intel. And the FX isn’t done yet. From the Kimono inspired pilot/co-pilot seats and intelligent dash, to the power-folding rear seats (to make room for that Louie V trunk), make for a Fonzworth Bentley approved ride.

And Lets be real… all the crazy rides in those Bond flicks wont keep you safe like this Infiniti. Dual Front Airbags, side and Curtain airbags are ready to deploy at the moment of impact. Goldeneye? More like Gold N’ Fly. Whether you have a Masters degree, or a diploma in street knowledge, you know the FX 35 is WHAT IT DO.

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