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The Twenty-Ten Nissan Armada, Platinum Edition

Cars 12 Jun 2010   »   by Admin

The new 2010 Platinum Edition Nissan Armada is more than livin’ large in the SUV rat race. “Rollin’ eight deep on 20 inch Blades, cuttin’ through those urban city streets“, might be a more fitting title. This SUV comes in right up top like fun on a party bus; just add that pinch of swag.

This edition of the Armada comes fully loaded with a Hard Drive Navigation System, DVD Entertainment System, Front Sonar System, and a Power sliding glass moon-roof just to enjoy some rays. And that’s all before the premium completely wrapped interior. Don’t wait to hear, “How YOU doin’? “, when its plain to see this ride is WHAT IT DO!

This Platinum Edition Armada is massive on the inside, and keeps you on high alert with that Hard Drive Navigation System and the onboard Entertainment System that includes, an ear encompassing, Bose Digital Audio System fixed with AM/FM & Satellite Radio. Together with a single disc CD Player can only be had in the Platinum. These Bose speakers will slap you with sound from 12 different directions satisfying every music craving urge you could ever have. And you can’t forget about the hand-free Bluetooth capabilities: the sound system helps out in more ways than one.

And when it’s time to act like a Desperate Housewife or the All-American Dad, the Platinum Edition still has you covered. The back seat is equipped with a DVD player that acts a good babysitter when all you can hear from the back seat is, “Are we there yet?”. And again this Armada has your back. Cause you ain’t Ice Cube by any stretch, so just throw back the two pairs of wireless headsets to solve the issue. Just when you think this Platinum Edition has no more to offer, you best check up on it.

Just in case the city streets get too suffocating, and you need some fresh air, you can head to anywhere you please with the optional limited slip 4-wheel drive. Just get at all the 317 horses to get where you need to be, and quick if needs be.

Is there much left to cover? You can get at all the other details if you please, if you feel the need. You may be drippin’ in bling, and lined up nice and clean, don’t get caught reppin’ that hoopty. Just trust….. The 2010 Nissan Armada Platinum Edition is WHAT IT DO!

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