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Suzuki Kizashi, Inside & Out Pt. I

Cars 03 May 2010   »   by Admin

You know the company Suzuki, right? Of course you do. Well now you are gonna have to forget everything you thought you knew about them.

This isn’t one of those little red jeeps from the 90’s, and is most definitely not a sport motorcycle. This is a complete departure from any Suzuki you’ve seen before, and if the name Kizashi is any indication (Japanese for “something great is coming”), then we can expect a lot of good things coming from them in the near future.

Lets start out with the exterior. The first thing you’ll notice is the euro-styling that’ll have people looking twice to see if that was a Jetta that just passed them. Sitting on 18 inch wheels, from the big grille in the front, to the dual integrated exhaust in the back, this car looks mean all around.
Check it out the video review of the exterior with KMAX.

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