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Get a boost with the Acura RDX 2010

Cars 12 Feb 2010   »   by Admin

You don’t often hear the words Compact, Luxury, and S.U.V. in the same sentence. If you do, it’s a good bet they’re talking about the all-new 2010 Acura RDX.

This compact SUV has a turbocharged 240 hp 2.3-liter engine which gives it some surprising kick, while the slim size means you’ll always be able to find a parking spot without scraping your door on the car next to you. When the turbo kicks in, you’ll definitely know, but there’s also a boost gauge right built in next to your speedometer; you won’t see that come stock in too many cars.

Inside and out, this year’s RDX has been redesigned with the future in mind, and has all the luxury items you’ve come to expect. Check out the video!

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