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2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser brings off road back

Cars 15 Dec 2009   »   by Admin

In a world of so called SUVs that never even leave the blacktop, Toyota has finally brought back the off-roader. Most SUVs on the road seem like the 4WD option was slapped on as an afterthought, but the FJ Cruiser was built to hit the trails from the ground up and it really shows.

With a 4.0 liter V6 engine under the hood, you can tow a decent 5,000 pounds with this mid-size SUV. The rugged, throw-back interior isn’t just for looks either. Check out the dash-mounted compass; there’s even an inclinometer so you always know how close you are to rolling. You won’t see that in the soccer mom ride. See how this big boy handles the streets in the video review.

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