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Nissan grows up with the 2009 Sentra SL 2.0

Cars 09 Dec 2009   »   by Admin

The Sentra has always been a dependable ride, but it hasn’t always been this nice. Nissan took the old reliable formula and bumped it up a notch, making everything about it a bit more plush.

On the exterior the wheels are an inch bigger, the base is a little wider, the body style is a little sleeker and all that makes the ride a lot smoother. The 2.0 liter 140 horsepower engine has some kick, so now you can pass people instead of being passed.

Interior? Forget that old-school beige look. Check out this all black leather interior; even the wheel is wrapped in leather. Nissan even put in the heated seats to keep you toasty in the winter. Heated seats on a Sentra, people. They also bumped up the keyless entry to the smart key so you can just jump in and you’re ready to ride. With the extra-wide sunroof keeping you cool in the summer time and the fog lights keeping you safe in bad weather, this car has you riding nice all year round. Check out all the upgrades with KMAX in the video.

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